Privacy Policy Provisions


For us and you to have mutual rights, we recommend you to read the Privacy Policy document and find out about agreements between customers and the service. Once you opened this site in your browser on your device, you instantly give an agreement to be bound to it. We would recommend you to read all regulations before you make any actions at the site such as making orders, payments, and placing any personal information. Do not continue using the site if you disagree with some of the rules. aims is to provide users maximum convenience when using the service. However, we want to know who we agree to cooperate with. In order to make our relationship trustful, you will be asked to pass the identification procedure.

We automatically collect information about our customers’ visits to improve the site and make it more convenient. This information includes your browser’s type and time when you access the service. We do not collect information automatically without your consent apart from customers’ visits. At the site, most of the information you will have to submit personally.

Here you can review types of information we collect without your agreement:

  • Observe your actions at the site
  • Track transactions
  • Check whether you use cookies or other technologies

We collect information once you:

  • filled online forms or questionnaires
  • sent us a request, message, or inquiry
  • identified your personality

However, we never gather information, such as:

  • ethnicity
  • political views
  • religion
  • sex life
  • health condition

Personal and contact information

As we have already mentioned above, you will be asked to provide your personal information, so you have a right to make orders and get your done papers delivered. When you make an order, these are the details that should be collected by us:

  • a phone number
  • email address
  • some information on your credit card
  • ID or driver’s license copy

Your phone number and email address are needed for us sending your notifications about your order progress. You will be able to keep up with your order progress stages to avoid worries about an important homework. We may also ask you to clarify requirements according to your paper. We require specific information, such as 4 last digits on your credit card for payment authorization. The copy of your national ID or driver’s license will prove that the credit card belongs to you and it is you who make an order. We hope that you will understand such regulations and agree with them for a cooperation.

Final regulations service guarantees to keep customers’ personal and contact information, as well as information about transactions absolutely confidential. We prevent third-party access to our customers’ details and train our employees to maintain customers’ personal information and keep it safe.

We remind that the communication process should be carried away in English language only. Feel free to send your request or inquiry and get detailed information about the service, prices, types of paper our writers provide for free.