Essay – the basic paper for college and university students


The essay is one of the most common papers that every college or university student must know how to compose. This is a type of paper that is giving on a random subject. The writer has to provide his or her opinion of a certain subject and then argue it. So, a teacher or professor can estimate the writer’s knowledge of the subject, ability to argue any topic, and express unique opinion.

There are formal and informal essays. The first type should have a serious purpose, dignity, and a certain length The second type is more based on self-experience, humor, and has a different structure. The informal essay allows a student to express his own style.

Essays are considered as observation of daily life, such as the author’s reflections on different acts, events, situations. Therefore, it is important that students create essays and express their views on different subjects.

The essay is also considered as one of the simplest types of academic writing, therefore, teachers and professors often give students a task to write an essay because it improves writing skills, grammar, spelling, sentences flow, style, etc.

One of the most common types of essays is the admission. When a young person wants to enter a certain university, he or she is given a task to compose an admission essay. This piece of writing will define whether the applicant obtains certain skills and knowledge, can express his or her opinion of a specific subject, and argue own opinion.

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