Importance of Yoga for Students

Everyone knows that yoga is a great way to reduce stress; however, for students practicing may be especially important. Meeting deadlines, sitting for hours in front of the computer and simply experiencing anxiety can be fixed with doing yoga exercises.

Higher academic performance

At times, many students find studying process quite stressful, so it might require a lot of mental and physical efforts. In 2009 International Journal of Yoga conducted a study during which the performance of 300 students was tested. All students were doing breathing and meditation exercises for seven weeks, and the results were extraordinary in terms of regulating stress levels and progressing in an overall academic performance.

Improvement in the memory span

In 2015 the journal Evidence-Based and Complementary Medicine conducted a study involving 95 students with the conclusion that usual physical education classes were less effective than practicing yoga. The result of doing yoga was such that it helped improve memory and, subsequently, it let keeping academic performance on a high level.

Improvement in the attention span

Usually being a student means that you are full of energy and ideas, so concentrating can be not so easy to achieve at times. According to many studies, practicing yoga can substantially help control the power of attention even in really hyperactive students.

Making new friends

Having a yoga class regularly will give you an opportunity to meet new people. You will be able to get into a community of those who are striving for a healthy lifestyle and who will share your interests. It is a great benefit, as you will be able to have someone who can help you maintain your positive spirit and motivation. Also, it is great to have new friends in order to improve your communication skills and get new connections which can potentially be helpful for you in the future.

Building determination habit

Being a student at times is a very challenging experience for many. Very often completing a homework task can be a really difficult goal to achieve. Doing yoga is not easy and if it is practiced on a regular basis, such skill as determination gets boosted in you and becomes a habit that can manifest itself in your academic performance.

Very often yoga is considered to be an activity which is mainly aimed at a physical improvement of the body. However, the positive influence of yoga on mental health was proven by many studies. It alleviates the pressure, teaches self-control, boosts determination and helps keep the mind in peace. Being a student is an important and at times complicated period of life, so some help in coping with all the pressure might be very handy. If you want to stay healthy and boost your academic performance, yoga is the practice that will effectively help you reach your goals.