Unpaid Internship: Useless Waste of Time or Worthwhile Acquisition

When finishing their study, young people undertake short-term unpaid internship before obtaining a real full-time employment. Responsibilities, tasks, team work, professional cooperation – everything like you have a real job, almost everything, except the salary.

Does it seem to you as a free exploitation of young work crafts or do you consider it as a nail-biting? Don’t shoot from the hip! Unpaid internship is something like the last stroke of the picture that represents you as a certified specialist in a certain branch.

But does it really make a difference and will it be of use personally for you? Let’s figure it out.

Team work experience




Each organization is something like a structured, arranged entity with certain rules, speed, character and customs. Some of them remind ant hills with dozens of departments and hundreds or thousands employees, moving at great speed and other are like small families with friendly atmosphere and deliberate pace of work. While undertaking internship, you will have a great opportunity of immersing yourself into the atmosphere of the work mechanism of the firm and interacting with new people, comprehension the rules of the team work and employee interaction and finally you can get a feel of a real, serious job and feel yourself an eager beaver.

Dozens of Opportunities




One never knows what may happen! Being a part of some company or organization, which deals with the stuff you like and devoted years of study to, you can meet and get acquainted with significant people, who are big wheels in the sphere you are interested in. Such acquaintance can result in useful advices, new ideas and sometimes it can even become a contribution to your future. Thus, communicating in such business groups, you can get to know some information, which can be useful for your future employment or even find a suitable position in a well-established enterprise.

Time management and self-organization




Certainly you are bored with the thought that most of your time will be occupied with the unpaid office activities, on the other hand it can be a great benefit for you. No late waking up, day plan and timeframes for all activities will assist in making your life organized and will adjust you to real grown-up life with a strict schedule. While other people are hanging around with nothing to do, you can embody your theoretical skills by making different practical tasks, have useful interpersonal contacts and manage every minute of your day in order to obtain the maximal use of it. In this case internship becomes a great motivator and an effective remedy in the process of getting rid of the laziness.

“Trial Run”




We seldom have an opportunity to make test trials in a real life, concerning various things.  In regard to a professional sphere, internship gives the chance to figure the things out. You can have been dreaming the whole life of a certain position or business, which to your opinion was the sense of your education and professional progress. Internship is exactly the thing which clears the air for you. It can make you reinforced in the view or plant certain doubts about your previous opinion. Obtaining practical genuine experience will help you to understand if you are a catfish to a crawdad in this business or maybe it is not your cup of tea. In such a way you will have the time and chance to collect your thoughts and define your future way.

Yield to our advice, do not miss the opportunity to undertake an internship, it does not matter that it is unpaid. Any way it is a step forward in your life and professional growth, which leads you to living out your dearest dreams.