TOP 7 Student Cities Near the Beach

Have a dream to study abroad at the seaside? Whether you like surfing or just soaking up the sun, we have some perfect options suit any taste.

  1. Sharjah

students beaches

This friendly city in the United Arab Emirates has a hot desert climate which certainly make you want to cool off at one of it beautiful beaches. Important to mention that according to local norms, you do need to wear modest dress, but while you in the beach, standard beach-wear is accepted. There are numerous exciting activities to do in your free time in Sharjah, including admiring spellbinding Khalid Lagoon or visiting the Eye of the Emirates. Besides, this beautiful city is a home to highly-ranked American University of Sharjah.

  1. Gold Coast

Students Beaches 2

No doubt, every coastal city in Aussie could be listed here as the best student city, but Gold Coast deserves a place in our list as you probably haven’t heard about it yet. There are 300 days per year full of the sunshine and 52 km of golden sands. Besides, the city even has an outskirt named “Surfer’s Paradise”. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that the Golden Coast hinterland offers a captivating selection of mountains, waterfalls, rainforests and national parks. Its highest-ranking university is Griffith University.

  1. Vancouver

Students Beaches 3

In contrast to the most of the Canada, Vancouver has milder weather. This beautiful city offers several large beaches and (what a great bonus!) mountains which are perfect for winter sports. In addition to all these benefits, Vancouver is a great place for lovers of outdoors. Loud nightlife, museums, and theaters – you’ll get everything and even more from one of Canada’s most beloved cities. It’s also a home for the University of British Columbia.

  1. San Diego

Students Beach 4

Besides fellow Californian cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles, San Diego is an ideal option for students who want to study near the beach. This city is not called “America’s Finest City” for nothing. It has 113 km of perfect coastline to have fun and enjoy attractive surfing spots and rocky coves. Moreover, San Diego offers a huge variety of restaurants and shops to explore. Want to know the highest-ranked university there? It’s the University of California, San Diego, which owns the 44th position in the list.

  1. Hong Kong

Students Beach 5

Not expect? Yes, a well-known world’s financial capital is also a great beach city for students. Honk Kong is ranked 8th in the best student cities index and can boast many of the top educational institutions in Asia, including Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. If you decide to study here, you might like to escape from the hurry-scurry of the big city center and relax on one of the sunny beaches situated on its rugged island coastlines. The most secluded place is offered by Grade 1 Turtle Cove Beach while the most popular one is on Lamma Island. Yeah! Probably studying here and spending much time on this luxury sea shore – you won’t waste it for some boring essay tasks 😉

  1. Helsinki.

Students Beach 6

It’s not a secret that Finland is pretty cold country. Nevertheless, harbor-based Helsinki is one of the best beach cities that has nice summer and beautiful beaches, with the most popular being Hietaniemi Beach. Of course, it’s not tropical, but definitely worth a visit. What is more, Helsinki has a title of the most affordable Nordic capital for learners, and its’ top University of Helsinki is always opened for international students.

  1. Lisbon

Students Beach 7

Portuguese capital offers lovely sandy beaches and is last but not least in our list of student cities by the beach. While having a propensity for becoming occupied by tourists in the summer season, Lisbon gives students an excellent opportunity to enjoy its beaches during a quieter time of the year – especially, as it has the mildest winter in Europe. Rich history and culture, great food, drinks and music – here you can find everything you want from European capital city.