Top 6 Reasons Many UK Students Choose US Universities

Tempted by the idea to study in the U.S.? Well, you are not alone. For the recent decade, the number of U.K. students who chose to earn their degrees in the U.S.A. has drastically grown. In fact, the Fulbright Commission reports over 10,000 U.K. students enrolled in U.S. schools last year. So, why leaving home for U.S. diploma is such an attractive idea for British students?

Is it partially because U.S. universities make every effort to lure students from U.K. on their campuses? I’d like to reveal some thoughts in this regards below.

The soaring cost of education in the U.K.

More likely than not, the interest of U.K. students to study abroad is caused by the rise of the fees for tuition in their home country. Indeed, the average cost of £9.000 per year appears to be a serious investment for many U.K. students. Therefore, they are forced to consider other options, including studying abroad.


Even though enrolling in the U.S. colleges and universities is not the cheapest option, the tuition fee is comparatively lower than that in the U.K. In addition, the fee of accommodation and living expenses, depending on the location of the campus, is considerably lower than those in U.K.

Learning in a foreign environment is exciting

If you have already tired of the endless college assignments then living and studying in an unknown surrounding, or in other words “image change”, will help to open your mind and enhances cultural experience. Indeed, studying in the USA, considering the diversity of the country, enlarges your cultural experience. Besides, any international experience makes your CV more solid and raises your chances on a job market.

Countless options for scholarship

The U.S. provides numerous scholarship opportunities for international students. This is a big chance for those who cannot afford tuition fees, accommodation and living expenses. In fact, you can apply for a merit-based or need-based type of scholarship.  The merit-based one is granted on the grounds of your academic performance, athletic achievements, talents, and participation in extra-curricular events. If you wish to apply for the needed-based scholarship, then your financial conditions will be assessed.

The U.S. youth lifestyle

American campus lifestyle seems to be appealing to many international students. Apart from diversity and novelty of living in the U.S., British students find it attractive to join all sorts of clubs and sports teams. If it’s the key motivation for you, studying in the U.S. colleges is the right choice.


First-rate academic institutions

Of course, college life is not just about having parties. Most importantly, the U.S. opens the door to the world’s best-known academic establishments. Therefore, the appeal to American education may be explained by the fact that 10 out of 20 world’s top universities are located in the U.S.A. (according to the QS World Universities Rankings, a study of 2015/16). The picture becomes even clearer, considering the number of prestigious universities to select from. Needless to say, being alumni of a respected and highly-ranked university makes you a valuable job candidate and opens the door to many bright opportunities.

Wide academic possibilities

The U.S. universities outdo the British ones thanks to a great range of possibilities when it comes to choosing courses. Before putting your foot on the campus, you are free to explore your academic interests. This way you can figure out which university would work better for you. Not only can you choose among 4,500 universities, the U.S. education system also provides numerous courses to select from a wide variety of topics. Simply choose your area of interest and start a course which is available all year round. More than that, you can finish the course at your own pace, faster or slower than others.