TOP 10+ Health, Fitness and Safety Apps for Students

Staying healthy and safe during studying is significant, so hope you may find following applications very helpful and convenient. Keep reading to find out the portion of the best safety, health and fitness apps for your device.

Please, notice that none of the represented applications can replace the doctor’s advice. They are useful only for keeping an eye on your health. So, here goes!

  • iTriage 

Apps for Students

If you are one of these persons who are usually googling their symptoms, this app certainly comes in handy to you. Asking a couple of questions, it determines your possible illness and gives some pieces of advice to solve the medical problem. For your convenience, it replaces all medical jargon, so you can understand your health without efforts or specific training. What’s more, it’s totally free!

  • Sleep time. Find it difficult to wake up in the morning? If yes, this app is surely for you! Combining an alarm clock and sleep analysis tool, it examines your sleep phases to find the best moment to wake up. To make awakening even more pleasant, you have an opportunity to choose one of your favorite songs from iTunes.
  • Glow. Every woman needs a health application to track her menstrual cycle and ovulation to know exactly when “a little visitor” is coming. Also, this helpful app will send you reminders concerning pills and other contraception. Compare to other similar period tracker applications, Glow has a community which allows you to ask questions and get needed support.

Apps for Students

Need to find information on medicines you are taking? No problem! By this application, you can not only easily look up necessary details on any medical drugs, but also to check their interactions and create personal records.

  • Watch Over Me. As you can see from its name, this application can watch over you for a certain period. In the case of emergency, you can shake the device to alert your contacts or even record a video. Besides, the app will warn you if you are near the area with high level of crime concentration.
  • bSafe. With this handy application, you have an opportunity to send an SOS alarm when you are in danger. Furthermore, it can share your location with emergency contacts or invite friends to walk home with.
  • Nike+ Training Club

Apps for Students

It’s a personal trainer in your pocket. This extremely useful application gives you an opportunity to select from over 100 workouts with a step-by-step guide to each one. Besides, you can share your progress with friends and always stay motivated.

  • 7-minute If you want to keep yourself fit, but are too overloaded with daily routine, this app is a lifesaver. It’s ideal for busy students, as offers simple exercises with detailed videos and text descriptions, which takes only seven minutes per day.
  • Food Planner. If you want to become more organized, then this easy-in-use application is for you. Plan your meals by importing healthy recipes from your favorite websites and blogs. Also, it’s perfect for your weekly food shopping, because you can quickly create your grocery lists right in the phone.
  • Fooducate

Apps for Students

This multitasking application will help if you watch your weight and desire to choose only healthy products. It allows you to track eating, count quality of calories, and share tips or ask questions in the community.

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And last but not least, use Nudge if you want to sync all health, fitness and safety apps into one. It’s perfect for staying away from an overload of notifications. In fact, it shows your current health level and gives advice on what you can do to improve it.