Packing for Study Abroad: Essentials First

So, your dream has come true. You are going to study abroad! You have one foot out of the door. However, the idea of packing up for a long stay in a foreign country makes you both thrilled and nervous. On one hand, you know what you’ll be wearing at college and what outfits you’ll take for parties and days off. On the other hand, you might not be quite sure whether you really need some of that stuff.

If you don’t want to drag heavy suitcases packed with unnecessary things and make a mess out of your room, first focus on essentials. You don’t need to take your entire wardrobe. Three items of each clothes category will be enough. However, this shouldn’t be at the top of your checklist. Consider arranging it in a priority manner. Like this:

• Travel and Identity Documents

When you think too much of your look, you risk forgetting things which actually let you cross the border. That’s why packing travel documents is a matter of priority. Leave some space in your suitcase, bag or purse where all the documents will be safe and still easy-to-take out. Make sure they are approved and valid for the time you plan to spend abroad.
First and foremost, check out whether you’ve taken your passport, visa, and insurance. The later may not be necessary but it’s great to have one in case of emergency.
Your documents are the things you can’t replace or buy another one. So take care of them first when you pack for a trip.

• Money

Another essential thing to keep in mind is money. You should do calculations well in advance to know how much you’ll need to provide for living abroad. The best way to have enough money and not to worry about its safety is debit or credit card. The first one is best for getting cash in local currency, and the last one is best for big purchases. But both of them are great in terms of interbank exchange rates.
Even though you should have some cash with you in case there is no ATM close at hand.

• Clothes & Shoes

Packing clothes and shoes may turn into mess in your room and add extra weight to your luggage. Therefore, it’s preferable to have some packing plan. As practice shows most of the clothes you take stays unpacked. That’s why you need only two or three items like dresses, t-shirts, scarves, tights, jeans or pants and a jacket depending on the climate at the land you are going to.
The same is about shoes. Choose different ones like casual, stylish, high-heels and knee-length boots. This will be enough for all life emergencies.

Medications & Health items

Medicines should be somewhere close to the top of your checklist. If you’re taking any pills, it may be hard to find their alternatives abroad. That’s why it’s important to have your medicines to last you during your stay in a far-off land. Or you may have prescriptions to show them at a drugstore in a foreign country.
Nevertheless, first aid kit is your must-have. Fill it with medications that you may need occasionally, like pain relievers, bandages, cold medicines, etc.

Hope that packing up for essay study abroad as described above won’t spoil your excitement about the trip.