How to Improve Your Creative Thinking at Winter School

Winter is not only a holiday session. For many students, it’s also a significant period of working on their creative thinking development. Winter schools in universities help students improve their skills in many areas and get professional knowledge, which will be useful in their future career.

Creative thinking is surely your ultimate investment in the future. It’s one of the skills that are highly appreciated by the international community and can help students receive competitive odds at the educational institution.


No doubt, knowledge, skills and talents need to be constantly improved at every stage of life. For this reason, winter schools create a unique opportunity for students to gain global experience. Let’s see how to choose appropriate winter school according to your area of interests and how attending one of them can help you upgrade your creative thinking skills.

  • Make a research to choose top winter school. Not every university used to organize winter schools every year. Still those that do always invite famous speakers who generally are not readily available. As a result, it’s worth investing your time, money and efforts in finding great winter school that focus on topics close to your spheres of interest.

A great example is the Winter Journalism Schools named “The Internet and Digital Literacy” in Almaty, Kazakhstan (February 2016). It’s an excellent opportunity for about 120 students to discuss significant global challenges with prominent academic thinkers and international media practitioners – experts who are at the front line of the news.

  • Find out more about your winter school’s agenda. It’s crucial to treat winter school as a platform for your professional growth. That’s why it’s better for you to arrive well prepared.

But don’t think that looking through magazines and newspapers or checking the latest news on the web is enough. For example, to prepare for above-mentioned journalism school, you can read specialized publications such as Word Bank and UN, UNESCO reports on global issues and trends. They are really useful as give a thorough analysis of many leading decisions and actions in the international arena.

  • Learn how to contribute and polish up your skills. The main secret of getting expertise and experience at winter school is to stay deeply involved in all brainstorming sessions and discussion clubs. Due to this, arrive not only with deep knowledge of the topic but also with your own views and opinions supported by facts. Besides, it’s important to discover different brainstorming techniques that can help you be more efficient. And who knows maybe after such brainstorming sessions and trainings, you won’t need anymore some custom essay writing service any more, to pass successfully exams 🙂


  • Make the most of the experience. This type of the event is good for those who desire to enhance professional strengths, especially skills to analyze, think clearly and, of course, develop critical thinking.

There are several aspect to take into consideration. One is keeping an eye on experts and guest speakers to notice what you like about them – both in content and style of their presentations. Secondly, identifying the strongest abilities in others will certainly help you create own presentation style. And last but not least, developing your ability to understand the complexity of global economic, political and other problems can help you cultivate critical thinking.

As you can see, winter school is an excellent opportunity for every learner not only to have active holidays and connect with likeminded people but also to boost skills and develop creative thinking. Find an ideal winter school for you to spend this season with the maximum benefit.