How to Get Your First Job Hands Down

Congratulations if you are a new graduate. Have you started looking for graduate jobs? Employers want to know why you the best for their company or organization. In such case, you have to reassure them that they’ve found the right person! Feeling a little bit overwhelmed about how to make your CV stand out from the crowd? Don’t know how to give yourself the best chances of success? Keep calm! There are numbers of activities you can take part in during time at university that will help you get the desired grade job.

Let’s see some of them:


  • Volunteer.  No doubt, volunteering both aboard and locally is not only a great life experience but also a nice bonus for your CV. You can easily get relevant industry experience at your university, nonprofit organizations, and local charities. For other industries, set up a week’s job shadowing during spring break, or several days a week at a local agency.
  • Get involved in university media outlets. To gain a special bonus for your CV, contribute to student media. If it looks attractive for you, search for opportunities ready for the taking on campus. For example, you can try strength in writing and even some kind of custom writings for a university newspaper, hosting TV or radio program or taking part in the annual fashion show.
  • Engage in sports activities. If you an athletic person, decide to present your educational institution at national or even international competitions. What does playing sport tell employers about you? First and foremost, it shows that you are a proactive individual, a team player who is passionate about something more than just education or work.
  • Get part-time job. You never know what connection you’ll make through part-time work. Besides, it gives you facts to back up your well-prepared graduate CV.

Career after college

  • Blogging. This is an excellent option for those who dream of a career in editorial, marketing, PR or similar. Improve your writing skills and show your future chief that you are willing to invest time and efforts in a project. Use Google Analytics to track blogs progress. If you get good hits on your website, don’t forget to mention it on the interview. There are plenty of possibilities here, as sites like WordPress are totally free and easy-in-use.
  • Undertake responsibility. Think about taking on a responsible position at the students’ union. It will add a voluntary and the work experience points to your CV and boost your communication skills, which is significant for potential employers.
  • Use social media. Create a strong LinkedIn profile along with Facebook and Twitter pages. In case you are searching for a career in the creative sphere, get involved with Instagram and Pinterest. Don’t be lazy to follow what’ going on in the industry and stay on track with the latest trends.

Job after College

  • Get sales experience. Although a lot of students avoid doing sales, it’s one of the best experiences you can get. For instance, sell tickets for local university events. It’s a great chance to develop your relationship-building skills. Surely, ability to communicate efficiently is often essential.
  • Create your own business. It may seem like a great undertaking, but don’t worry, as it can be part-time. Start to sell things through the internet or tutor other students. Don’t be afraid to take part in the competitions seeking entrepreneurs and put your creative ideas forward to get feedback and visibility in the industry. Be sure, the commercial experience you’ll gain will impress your potential employers greatly.