5 Top Well Paid Part-Time Jobs for Grads

With holidays gone, the issue of finding a job is on the rise. Especially, if summer vacations take a serious toll on your savings. So, it’s the right time to find a part-time job where you can combine both earning and studying. Before you start checking out the job ads, read this post to find 5 top job opportunities for students.

Working as a Bartender

If socializing is your thing, don’t miss the opportunity to try your hand at bar work. Just imagine being paid for hanging out! Apply to places where you know that good tips will do and prepare to spend your Saturdays pouring drinks to people. Best of all, most bars or clubs look for staff without any experience. Try to refrain from staying up late every night, so you won’t hurt your sleep and school-related activities.

Bartender Student

Academic Tutoring

Tutoring can be very rewarding in case you stick to what you excel in. Besides, it requires lots of patience and at least A-grade knowledge of a discipline. If you help a child to achieve the desired grade, the parents will gladly pay you in full. In case you feel like you cannot help anyone with increasing their GPA, try tutoring high school students prepare for their SAT. Or even try your hand custom writings. If so, you know already whom to contact 🙂

Massage Therapist

Even though it requires a couple of know-how tricks, giving massage sessions is a good idea for earning extra cash. You can set your own schedule and work on weekends when most clients have free time.  This job calls for a basic knowledge of social media and networking needed for self-advertizing and finding clients. Also you can give your friends free massages to train your technique.


Work in Retail

Job in retail is appealing for the student crowd. The hours are flexible, and you get to choose the store you’d like to work at. Have a knack for music or computers? Choose the job that suits your interests. Working in retail has one good quality – you are likely to get staff discounts on what you sell. This can really cut down your expenses.

Fitness Instructor

If going in for sports is your hobby, why not make some cash on it? Teaching others how to work out will be beneficial for your skillset as well as health. As a fitness instructor at your campus, you can teach CrossFit, fitness, aerobics, etc. The choice is wide and depends on your desire. Mind that you may be asked for a certificate as a professional instructor to be eligible to train others.

fitness students

Work on Campus

You don’t have to look further than your uni campus for work! Check out the lists of positions opened on your campus. From a campus tour guide or receptionist to the variety of dining services. There are a lot of opportunities. Besides, you can work for a student union as a member. This way you get to see your pals while you earn money.

General Office Work

It may not be the most exciting opportunity, but at least you’ll earn some extra money. You can enroll as an assistant, technical support rep or secretary. While working at office, you hone your time-management and interpersonal relation skills. The office gig may also pay off big time while applying for a full-time position.

Nanny or Babysitter

student babysitter

Parents can be pretty generous tippers if you take a good care of their offspring. Not only you can set your own hours, but you can also combine it with studying while the kids are napping. If you have afternoons free from classes, apply for babysitting an elementary school kid. Make sure it’s not too overwhelming for you and doesn’t affect your studies. However, what is no less important – you can earn some pretty good money here.

Good luck with your part-time jobs!