5 Promising Career Prospects for Language Graduates

Are you language graduate? Think there are no job opportunities for you except teaching and translation? This is where you are wrong. Those holding degree in linguistics can apply for various jobs and even get an advantage over other candidates.

What are career prospects for language graduates? Have a look at these five options.

Social media

Social media and language are inseparable. Communication lies at the heart of the business attracting more people and keeping them engaged. These days lots of companies have social media profiles that aren’t limited to country borders. And if you know at least one foreign language, you’ll be playing one of the key roles in a company’s development.


However, language degree is more flexible than you might think. It gives you grounding to work in different areas acquiring new skills and knowledge. You may, for example, do advertisement and then move to administrative activity or perform cross-functional roles. Anyway, language knowledge is what gives you a variety of options.


Information quality and adequacy are what make it hit the target audience and render main idea effectively. That’s why when it goes about editing field, it isn’t limited to printed sources only.


Companies hire language graduates to proofread documents, product information, promotional material or even publishing software. Editing is really vast and profitable area to put language knowledge in practice.

TV, radio & movie industry

With perfect language knowledge and oratorical gift, you can succeed in TV or even movie industry. Here language degree opens wide prospects for professional development as well as financial well-being. You can write subtitles or do the voice-overs if your pronunciation is good enough for that.


Nevertheless, this kind of job isn’t about language use only, it’s also about theatre arts and communication. So if you are creative and don’t like monotonous work, TV, movie and radio industry is your chance to show your worth.


Management is rather a broad notion, but so are career prospects for language graduates in management. However, besides flawless and fluent language you should have advanced communication and leadership skills. If you possess all the enumerated qualities, you may easily choose your cup of tea out of the myriad of management options.


The most common ones and best-suited for linguists are hotel manager and event coordinator. These jobs combine communication, meeting new people, and even travelling. The further you want to move in your management career the more languages you should know.


Figures and formulas may seem absolutely unrelated to language, still lots of language graduates build brilliant career in this sphere. Even if you main focus isn’t math, accounting and financing can offer you attractive positions. (EssayVictory – prompt Assignment Help for Students)


Just as in any other area, communication plays crucial role in the world of finance. With high language proficiency level, you can facilitate effective communication with clients and thus, bring bigger revenue to the company. If you master more than one language, that’s going to be a huge advantage over other applicants.

Needless to say, that working in financial services you can get new knowledge and skills that will help you develop your career path.

So, language degree is no longer confined to teaching or translation. Language graduates are in high demand in a variety of areas.  If you can demonstrate multiple skills and juggle different responsibilities, success guaranteed.