25 facts about traveling around the world

Love to travel? Then we hope that these 25 interesting facts that we have gathered will be really interesting for you:

  1. The pilot and his assistant must eat different food in order not to upset their stomaches at the same time.
  2. Don’t afraid to fly! A plain is the safest mode of transport in the world.
  3. People are changing the world while they are traveling. A lot of custom writers and artists get inspiration during a trip.
  4. Monaco is the second among the smallest countries in the world after Vatican. It occupies the area of 2 square kilometers. Monaco is even smaller than Central Park in New York City. 
  5. In New Guinea there are more than 850 languages. It’s the paradise for linguists.
  6. Fans of high speed should go to German. There are no speed limits.
  7. Traveling improves the memory, reduces the risk of heart diseases. You are becoming more and more intelligent and happier. It has been proved by scientists.
  8. Every eighth job is related to traveling and tourism in the United States. It’s not hard to imagine this, considering the fact that there are nearly 600 airlines.
  9. Usually a plain reserves a white stripe in the sky so you can predict the weather. According to the thickness of the line you can determine large or small air humidity is. Very thick stripe means that a storm is coming.
  10. Money spent on journey makes people happier than money spent on tangible goods.
  11. Las Vegas has the largest number of hotel rooms in the whole world. 
  12. Many people think that they will travel when become retirees. But they can’t because of poor health and loss of enthusiasm.
  13. France is the most popular country among tourists.
  14. Travelling is not always expensive. You can find cheap rooms in most cities to stay there for night.
  15. The most intelligent country is Canada. More than 55% of the population has higher education.
  16. The largest underground cemetery in the world is located in Paris. There are around 6 million dead persons.
  17. The largest flower is located in Borneo and Sumatra. Its diameter is greater than 1 meter! The plant weighs 11 kilograms. It is also called “corpse’s flower” because of its disgusting smell.
  18. Greece is visited by 20 000 000 tourists annually.
  19. Canada has 3 000 000 lakes. It is more than all over the world.
  20. Austria is the most socially protected country in terms of The government guarantees at least 22 paid vacation days and 13 paid days on holidays each year.
  21. The most densely populated country is India. Its population is around two billion people.
  22. Deserts occupy 99% of the territory of Libya. 
  23. The USA has the largest number of prisoners.
  24. Traveling is good reason to meet new people and establish friendly relations with foreigners.
  25. Norway is the best place where you can observe aurora borealis.